Indian Cuckold Humiliation

The cuckold husband is made to watch as his hotwife makes love to her lover in front of him.

Normally the cuckold is not allowed to speak, touch or join in unless told to by either his hotwife or her lover.

Twists on this can take several forms:

  • The "cuckold" can be restrained in cuffs or ropes
  • The "cuckold" can be made to orally lubricate and guide the lovers penis into his hotwife
  • The "cuckold" can be verbally abused for being a poor lover/poorly endowed/a wimp/a sissy
  • The "cuckold" may be forced to dress in women's clothing as a sissy
  • The "cuckold" may be forced to wear a chastity device

The games are only limited by the players imagination.

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Indian Cuckolding - Humiliation